Right now is the best time for buyers and sellers to get engaged in the housing market and I WILL PROVE IT!  The historic mortgage rate for the USA averages over 8.5%. This means that a "normal rate" is usually around 8%. Right now we happen to be enjoying the lowest rates in the history of our country. Probably the lowest rates that we will see in our lifetime Today the rates are under 4%. This means we have the opportunity to leverage our buying power to the strongest position we have ever experienced in this country. What does this mean for you? Let's talk in terms of payments. Let's say you want payments of no more than $1,500 per month. We will assign $500 per month for taxes and insurance. The remainder of the balance goes as follows;

4% = $214,000 home

6% = $173,000 home

8% = $136,000 home

You can easily see that at todays rates you can leverage much more house than ever before as a buyer. If you are a seller, more people can afford your home than ever before. So you tell me, is now the time to get involved in real estate?